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Globalization of economy and consequential boundary less markets have taken industrial competiveness to a level where today's best can become tomorrow's worst performance. One can see some of the most respected and reputed organizations disappearing from markets for not being able to cope up with rapidly changing market scenario. Survival of fittest has become a matter of fact and to be so every organization has to be on a path of continuously improving excellence which will not be possible unless organizations are equipped with qualitative and motivated human resources, required skills / competencies and HR infrastructure as drivers of success. Having worked in some of the most reputed organizations of the country and abroad, founders of Solax felt a strong need for support mechanism to organizations for achieving this objective, be in terms of deciding HR Strategies / Skills / Competencies or in terms of nurturing of talent for a robust leadership pipe line. Being part of rapid transformation processes in various organizations at various levels solax team felt that they have abundances of learning’s which can be transferred to other organizations for their benefit.


Our Team

  1. Mr. R.C. Maheshwari Director & CEO Ex. Business HR Head and Chief people officer. Global Bulb & Fibre Business, Aditya Birla Group. He has also been chief people officer of BITS Pilani, University and carries with him more than 30 year's Academic & Industry experience in some of the most reputed organizations in senior level.
  2. Mr. P. Sita Ram B SC Engineering from UCE Burla Ex General Manager (PP) Grasim Industries Ltd. Carries with him nearly 35 year experience in industries of repute.
  3. Mr. Ghanshyam Chitlangia Ex. General Manager, Thermal Process Technology ACC is BE & ME from BITS Pilani in Chemical Engineering and carries with him nearly 30 years experience in different capacities.
  4. Proof L.N. Chacha Ex. Professor & Head training & placement MBA Engineering College, University of Jodhpur and carries with him nearly 30 year of teaching and research experience.
  5. Mr. Yashwant Ex. Asst. Work Manager (Production) National Engineering Industries Ltd. Jaipur. He is BE Mechanical from MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur and carries with him more than 30 years of experience in different capacities.

In addition SOLAX has also tie up with number of other distinguished professionals for use of their services on need basis.



Currently SOLAX has entered into agreements with M/S Ultra Tech Cement Ltd. and 4 reputed Engineering Colleges of Rajasthan for conduct of a one year programme on Cement Manufacturing Technology for final year students of these colleges. The colleges are as follow:

  1. BKBIET, Pilani.
  2. Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur.
  3. MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur
  4. Government Engineering College, Ajmer


Our Vision

To be recognized as one of best Human Resources Management Services Provider by different Organizations, Institutions, Employees and Students.


Our Mission

  1. To help industries / other organizations in making optimum use of their human resources for driving continuous improvements in business performance.
  2. Help organizations in drawing a map of Skills / Competencies needed at various levels for driving business success and ensuring availability of these skills and competencies.
  3. To minimize investment on training of entry level manpower and optimize performance returns from entry level professionally qualified manpower.
  4. To help students in identifying most suitable career option at school level so as to avoid mismatching at later stage of their career.
  5. Helping employees understand and develop Skills / Competencies needed for their career progression.
  6. To make constructive use of Knowledge, Skills, Competencies of retiring outstanding professional by way of providing platform for transfer of learning for next generation.